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  • I’ve done everything I know to do and nothing’s changed, what if it never changes?

  • I’ve tried so many things and now I’m out of ideas, what do I do now?

  • Is this right for me? I know nothing’s perfect but what if this is as good as it gets?

  • Do I stay the course and keep hoping everything will pick up or is this all a sign I need to ‘throw in the towel’ and go a different direction?

  • What if I shut this down and find out I made a big mistake, then what?

There is a way to get relief from confusion, chaos, and the feeling that things will never change…even if you’ve felt stuck for years. Yes things absolutely can change ~ and it starts right here! You’ll be amazed at how fast things can turn around!

I’m Paula Hannasch, Transformational Coach. Stop spinning your wheels! Let me help you turn your business and personal struggles into success stories. With my quick problem-solving skills, we'll put an end to those never-ending issues and pave the way towards a brighter future. Contact me now to get started!

Ready for a breakthrough? Let's work together to eliminate what's not working and create what you really want. Don't settle for less. Get the results you need now!

You probably don’t realize all the ways you may be working against yourself that are keeping you right where you are. Here’s some great news: It doesn’t take long to turn things around!

If you feel like you want to find out more about taking your life and business from where it is to one that not only gets amazing results but also feels like a perfect fit for you, then Click the button below to connect and find out more.

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Transformational Coach

“Paula’s special gift is knowing how to guide her clients to get fast results and manifest peace of mind in the process.”

When I stopped trying to know enough, be enough, and do enough, it led me on a journey that transformed me, and I began to find the peace and success I had been looking for. It all started with shutting out the noise and plugging into my own heart about what felt right for me and following that path to the exclusion of the many "You have to do it this way..." voices in my world.

There are absolutely systems and processes we can utilize for success, and I do utilize them; however, when we learn to let all that be subject to what is right for us, as an individual, that's when it all changes and we begin to thrive. That's a personal journey for each one of us.

Do you wish you knew how to do things differently? Do you feel like you're ok but not really happy, just more maintaining, with a few happy moments here and there?

It CAN be different, and you CAN live and work in a way that feels fulfilling. Discover a new way of living and working that leaves you feeling fulfilled. It's possible to have a better life – let us help you make it happen.

You don't have to "wait until...." (the kids graduate, my husband retires, and on and on). Start today and watch things turn around!

How would you like to:

  • Have a schedule that feels good and flows instead of making you feel like you want to go back to bed.

  • Brings the joy (and profit) back in, reminding you why you started this business in the first place.

  • Release the struggle of not knowing what to do and be able to move through challenges quickly

  • Have peace of mind knowing how to access the answers you need, when you need them, and how to implement them.

  • As an entrepreneur, know your own special Genius zone, what to offer, how to offer it and how to price it in a way that feels right for you.

Hello, I’m Paula Hannasch, Transformational Coach

Being an active student of Life, Business, and Universal Principles, I’ve learned how to help my clients get the results they’ve been looking for and quickly break down the barriers keeping them stuck where they are. Not only do I help them have not only a productive, profitable life and business but also one that’s unique to them and fills their Soul.

Are you ready to move your business and life into a place of joy, fulfilment, and profit? It’s very possible and it’s available for you right now ~

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Are you stuck in Decision Paralysis? Always second-guessing yourself after you made a decision? Worried you’re making the ‘wrong’ decision? Listen to this Podcast episode where Paula Hannasch and the Host of Career Roadmap, Tips for the Transition, Maria Tomas-Keegan are giving you right on information about how to make confident decisions and have peace of mind in no time! CLICK the link on the video and tune in.

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